9th Street Village is a coworking environment in Bend, Oregon bridging tech to handmade and prototype to fine art, mixed with retail, classes, workshops, entertainment, food and drink.

Fusion Coworking is “9th Street Village”. A collaborative environment that supports the open minds and creative wills of Bendites. It is a hub for creative endeavours and their promotion. Open work spaces, desks, private offices and studios are available in Griffin Coworking, Bright Place Gallery and DIYcave’s Annex. Larger projects can be accomplished in the DIYcave’s Makerspace or in their outdoor “large project” spaces.  9th Street Village is a collection of businesses occupying over 2 acres with four buildings and a large outdoor courtyard where residents and vendors gather, share and collaborate while enjoying food at one of five food carts and drinks from Bevel Craft Brewing and Industrial Joe’s coffee cart. The Village is home to makers and doers of all stripes.